Miles Greengard

Miles is a graduate of Michigan State University and George Washington Law. After graduating law school in 2012, Miles has held a number of legal positions in both the private sector and the court system. Consistent throughout this, however, is his continual hands on handling of cases and interaction with clients. Returning to private practice after an 18 month stint with the Berrien County Courthouse, Miles brings a strong expertise to both criminal proceedings and civil litigation.

Miles has defended clients on everything from jaywalking to major drug trafficking rings, and handled civil litigation ranging from administrative appeals, to multi-million dollar law suits. In additional to business formation and business sales, Miles is ready to handle your criminal complaint or civil litigation.

Representative Business Counseling Experiences

Licensed Attorney – P#76812
Powers & Greengard: Grand Haven, MI
Summer 2015 to Present
  • Lead counsel on multiple ongoing law suits, in both district and circuit court.
  • Worked with Alternative Dispute Resolution to secure favorable outcomes to clients without reporting to litigation.
  • 2nd Chair on multiple multi-million dollar law suits
  • 2nd Chair on multiple law suits in federal courts
  • Represented clients in administrative appeals before City of Grand Rapids
  • Represented clients in divorce proceedings
  • Represented clients in unlawful termination claims
  • Represented clients in trademark disputes
  • Handled numerous cases of corporate formation and reinstatement
  • Aided local property owners in successful rental of parcels of land – both commercial and residential.
  • Successfully established tax exempt organizations
  • Aided property owners in disputes concerning boundary lines, and ownership disputes.
  • Defended client accused of destroying building
  • Aided clients in bankruptcy protection
  • Negotiated with client debtors both in and out of litigation to secure repayment of debts
  • Served as counsel to buyers and sellers of businesses ranging in value from low six figures, to mid seven figures
  • Represented defendants in criminal complaints throughout West Michigan; ranging in severity from minor drug possession, to major drug trafficking complaints
Berrien County Courthouse: St. Joseph, MI
Fall 2013 to Summer 2015 Swift & Sure Sanctions Probation Program Coordinator
  • Managed caseload of over 60 probationers
  • Conducted study of efficacy of program compared to traditional probation
  • Reduced expenditures of program, while increasing caseload
  • Directed program increases in efficiency, reduction in recidivism, and stronger protection of defendant’s civil rights.
Law Offices of Mark Powers: Grand Haven, MI
Winter 2012 to Fall 2013 Attorney
  • Handled research on law suits with cumulative damages exceeding $5 Million
  • Managed numerous trials for crimes, including felonies
  • Provided legal consultation on contractual disputes
  • Represented defendants in criminal complaints in Muskegon and Ottawa Counties
National Center for the Prosecution of Child Abuse - National District Attorneys Association: Alexandria, VA
Summer 2011 to Summer 2012 Law Clerk
  • Researched various topics on Child Abuse including: Nationally known defense experts, child suggestibility, witness intimidation, drowning, comfort animals, speedy trial statues, child autopsies, and protections afforded to victims of child sex trafficking.
  • Assisted prosecutors with specifics regarding state drowning statutes
  • Produced what is believed to be first brief and motion in US legal history concerning optional uses of translators for child witnesses
Grand Rapids City Attorney’s Office: Grand Rapids, MI
2010 Summer Law Clerk
  • Assisted City Commission in discussions concerning Medical Marijuana
  • Drafted ordinance which unified Grand Rapids bicycle law with Michigan bicycle law, including recommendations for helmet requirements.
  • Drafted legislation concerning adult entertainment within city limits
  • Aided in prosecution of violations of city ordinances
  • Provided legal research and writing on questions posed by Council
Koernke & Cramton: Grand Rapids, MI
2010 Summer Law Clerk
  • Provided legal research concerning Computer Fraud and Abuse Act on a lawsuit with millions of dollars of damages.
  • Researched questions of culpability in employer nondisclosure agreements
  • Provided legal and on site research for DUI cases.


The George Washington University Law School:
Washington, D.C.
  • Juris Doctor, May 2012
Michigan State University:
East Lansing, MI
  • Bachelor of Arts: International Relations, May 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts: Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, May 2009

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